Dad Early in life, Dan showed a passion for athletics and had a competitive spirit. He attended Albertus Magnus High School and was a basketball team standout. He was team captain, all-county selection, Daily News all-star and was later in life inducted into the high school’s Sports Hall of Fame. He was a popular student and always made friends easily. It is also a long-running family joke about Dan and his Albertus senior class yearbook. He was voted in senior superlatives as best looking, best dancer, nicest eyes and best athlete. To understand Dan’s nature, you would know that whatever success he achieved in any area of his life, it never changed the person he was: caring, open and friendly.

Following high school, Dan won a basketball scholarship to Dominican College of Blauvelt. He continued to achieve success on the court, leading the team as its captain and joining the 1000 point club. He was also selected for the college’s sports hall of fame. Following his graduation, he took a job in insurance which would become his chosen field. For the majority of his professional life, he was the successful owner of an Allstate Insurance Agency in New City, NY.

On the personal side, Dan married his high school sweet heart Nora Minard and they shared a long and happy marriage. They are the parents of three: Danny, Donna and Alana and, sadly, lost Christopher Daniel in child birth. Better than listing what he did would be to share stories about Dan that illustrate the kind of person he was. There are many. He was funny and he shared freely. He seized opportunities to do things and be with people. He took time to be kind. He helped people through difficult times. He was a coach, a friend. He laughed at his own mistakes. Ask someone who knew him for a story about Dan, and they will have one. Dan loved the sun and with it North Carolina beaches, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett and golf. He loved his wife and family most.

Dan died suddenly of a heart attack on October 31, 2011. He was 57 years old. Through the Dan Sullivan Foundation, his legacy will live on. Thank you for your support.