The Dan Sullivan Foundation

"Here comes the sun...and it's alright!"


Here Comes The Sun

When is was suggested that “Here comes the sun…and it’s alright” be the signature line for The Dan Sullivan Foundation, there was no discussion. There didn’t need to be, it was perfect. The emotion and feeling it conveys captures Dan’s presence, his inspiration, his life.


What We Do

The Dan Sullivan Foundation was established to provide charitable contributions to those facing life’s most difficult challenges and to provide scholarships to students who reflect the qualities that define Dan’s life in and around Rockland County.


Dan Sullivan

Dan was a beautiful person in every sense of the word. He had a kind and gentle nature, a wicked sense of humor and was handsome, athletic and successful. Most importantly, he was a really, really good person. In life, Dan always tried to make things “alright” for others. The Dan Sullivan Foundation will help continue that legacy.

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